Need to Replace Glass Mosaic Waterline Tile Due to Cracking


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Jun 2, 2016
Augusta, GA
To make a long story short, we finished building our pool in August of 2016 and decided to go with Vibrance glass tile as our waterline tile (from Classic Pool Tile). Sadly due to a number of different factors, the glass started fracturing about two years in and now almost 4 years after installation, I would say at least 50% of all of the tile not submerged is fully cracked. It wasn't really an issue until recently when we started finding pieces of glass on the bottom of the pool...and with five kids constantly in the water, that is pretty much a no go. We are going to go ahead and have all of the waterline tile replaced, but I thought I would ask if anyone had any ideas as far as specific tile that would look great with our current setup and be easy to clean/maintain. I also understand that there will be almost a demarcation line if we don't re-plaster at the same time (which we would love to not have to do). Bonus points if anyone has photos of waterline tile that has been replaced without replastering! Here is our current pool (old photo from when it was first done): here

Thanks so much for your expertise!!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Amanda, we really can't see what your waterline tile looks like from this picture.

Show us pics of the waterline.

What height does the new tile need to be to fit into the space?

@kimkats ideas?



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Jul 10, 2012
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That makes me so sad as it is such a pretty tiles from what I can see :(

Will you be replacing ALL of it? Spa, edges, waterline tile inside the spa and along the pool? Like Allen asked how much space are we talking about as far as from the plaster to under the coping? Oh and the spa top ledge.

I have a couple of ideas but need more info to get it all sorted out.