Need to replace cracked wall skimmer - Couple of question

May 9, 2013
Bensalem, PA
Of all the things in my life that I've ever needed help with, TFP has been the most helpful and reliable source of information I've ever used.

So I'm back with a couple of questions regarding installing a new wall skimmer in my above ground pool.

About 5 years ago I had to install a new liner on my 24' round 4' deep pool. That part went great but when I had to install a new wall skimmer, I had some leaks that I was able to get under control using some marine sealant.

I noticed last year, that the rear of the wall skimmer has a pretty large crack and was leaking water so I wanted to replace it this year before I open the pool. Since I had some issues when I installed the wall skimmer, I wanted to make sure I get it installed correctly this time so I wanted to ask some questions before I proceed.

First question, is there a preferred wall skimmer that will hold up in the Northeast winters (Philadelphia area)?
This is the model I installed 5 years ago (Heritage Deluxe Standard Automatic Through-the-Wall Skimmer for Above Ground Pools-12601 - The Home Depot). It included a butterfly gasket that I had some issues with.

Second, I'm paranoid about installing this again, mostly because I don't want to screw up the liner. My water level is about 6" below the skimmer intake, is this enough water to install the skimmer without damaging the liner?

Also, any tips to installing a new wall skimmer would be greatly appreciated.



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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Beer? Waiting for you when you are done???????? LOL sorry :roll:

Another pair of hands would be helpful as you know from doing it before. I really don't think there is any one kind that will do better than another in your icy time of year. The best thing to do is use the many ideas to keep it safe during burrrrrr times-foam noodles cut and put in, etc. I bet if you search you will find many more ideas I have forgotten about.

I think your water is right where it needs to be to install the new skimmer fight enough to keep it from moving. I would move fast though as you do NOT want it to shift. Good luck!