need to replace AGP pump - recommendations?

Jun 13, 2007
Houston, TX
My 1 HP pump is making noises that are making me very nervous. Since our electric rates are doing nothing but going up, I am thinking about simply replacing it with either a 3/4 HP or 1 HP two-speed pump.

The pool is a 18' x 36' AGP. There is an appropriate (weatherized, etc) electric outlet well within reach of the required 3' electric cord on the pump motor.

In looking around, I can find 3/4 HP 2-speed pumps, but they don't come with a standard plug to plug into the outlet, which is what I have always used. What do most people with AGPs do? Do they hard wire? Is there a 2-speed available with a plug? Can I have a cord and plug installed onto the motor? Or would it be better to hardwire? (I really would prefer to stay with the plug, if at all possible.)

near Houston