Need to plug up overflow hole in skimmer box


Jun 7, 2019
Ozark, AL
Our pool was installed a year ago and we had an overflow drain in the skimmer box. After having the pool for a little while now, we realize that they probably drilled the hole too low.

Our pool water level won’t rise more than just a little over minimum level before it drains out. I would like to temporarily plug it up so that when we don’t need it, it’s plugged up & the water can rise to where it needs to be so we aren’t constantly filling the pool up with a hose. Then when we need to use it because of heavy rain, we can unplug it.

Any ideas on how to do this? In the picture you see a bit of clear tape on the bottom of the hole—that is Flex Tape we used but it’s not really a good idea since it’s not meant to come on and off.

Oh and you’ll see my nemesis in the pic! 🕷



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I would take a piece of foam like a pool noodle and carve it in the shape to make a plug. Although pool noodle foam may be too soft and not last long. Maybe carve a Magic Eraser block.