Need to get my hot tub going but the control panel want plug into the circuit board


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Jul 21, 2013
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Steve, welcome to TFP.

You need to give us a bit more information to help you.

What model hot tub?

Post a description and pics of the control panel and circuit board you are trying to plug in.

@RDspaguy may then be able to help you.


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Mar 21, 2020
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Yep, definitely need more to go on.
If I am understanding correctly, you got a new topside with the wrong plug for your board? Most topside are just buttons and a display, so as long as the topsides are the same, any electronics/computer repair guy should be able to adapt the plug pretty cheap I would think. Just bring him both. Otherwise you will need to track each wire (visually or electrically) from the plug to the control and splice across accordingly. I have done this once in the field many years ago. Once was enough to teach me to check the plug connection before ordering parts. ;)
Even the same plug and button layout does not always ensure compatibility. For example, a Balboa control system in a Saratoga spa will look identical to the aftermarket Balboa system and the one used by Catalina, with the exception of the name on the front, but no topside other than the Saratoga one will function properly. They may work, but the jet button might turn on the light and the mode button lower the temperature...