Need to buy new Topside-Panel/Electric Box for Spa ? Help


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Apr 3, 2008
Hey guys,

We've had electrical problems with our spa for a while now and have spent some money trying to buy the particular part we thought was causing problems. We've decided to scrap fixing it piecemeal and just get a whole new top-side panel/electric box combo.

I'm weary though of calling up our local spa/pool place and just asking them to fix it for fear they'll just tack on a bunch of extra money when they try and sell me the tsp/electric box. So I'm looking to educate myself a bit on what is out there and what my options are when shopping for a new one.

1. Does it matter what kinda of spa we have to determine compatible tsp/eb's?

2. If it does matter , is there a place on the web I can find out a list of compatible models for my spa ?

Thanks ahead of time guys


all your parts

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Feb 26, 2008
if your changing the control system than you change the top-side control also
i recommend one made by hydroquip they make a great box


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Apr 3, 2008
Thanks All Your Parts,

I appreciate the recommendation. Do you have a Model # ?

I mean, the goal here to place the power in my hands to find a model that for a competitively cheaper price than a service tech may try to offer me. So I'm intersting in TFP's users' experience with good websites that offer cheap prices.

1. Does anyone have any good websites that offer competitive pricing on control systems ?

2. Does it matter what kinda of spa we have to determine compatible control systems ? Can someone explain how you determine your minimum requirements for a control system ?