Need to bleed air from filter every morning, or lose prime


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Aug 6, 2020
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Hi everyone. I know this will be the 1 millionth question about a suspected air leak, so I apologize and appreciate any assistance!

I run my pump each night, and go out and manually shut it off each morning. Air is getting in the system and I can see little bubbles swirling around in the pump basket while running. If I bleed all the air out of the filter and shut the pump off, it retains prime just fine and I can fire it back up at night 12 hours later, no issue. If I don't bleed the air, water rushes out of the pump and down the return line, which is sucky. It takes about a full minute to bleed the air out of the filter.

Air in the pump basket sounds like it should 100% be a suction side leak. The odd thing is, I replaced my cartridge filters with brand new ones and that's when the problem started. It sounds like it can't be a filter related issue, but that's the only change that took place before this started happening.

I replaced/lubed o-rings in my not-Jandy-brand suction-side valve. The only other valve is on the pressure side. I've tried the running water and shaving cream tricks on the pump lid, drain plug, and inlet plumbing. Re-lubed the pump lid o-ring a couple of times and that's not doing the trick either. I'm about to try ordering a new pump lid and o-ring...Had the guy who installed my equipment look and he's got his mind on retirement and says everything looks good....grr.

Worth noting, I have an elevated spa and it has one of those air inlet pipes above ground near the valves that I can turn to let in air and make desirable bubbles in the spa. However, if I close that bad boy all the way, and draw water only from the pool skimmer (water level is plenty high) I still get some air. It takes pretty much all night to accumulate the amount I'm talking about to result in the 60 second air bleed in the morning. If I run the pump and check back in like an hour, the air bleed shoots water within a second or two.

Is there any circumstance in which swapping out new cartridge filters could cause this? I keep coming back to the fact that this issue didn't exist before putting the new ones in.


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If air is getting into the system only when the pump is running, which it sounds like it is, then that would be a suction side air leak. Changing of the filter cartridges could have caused an air leak but that would only occur when the pump is off and not when it is on.
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