Need some help with AQUALINK control advice


Apr 19, 2016
Redondo Beach

Hopefully I put this thread in the right forum...

I have an AQUALINK control in our bedroom: AquaLink RS All Button

My pool has been off for a few months while it was drained and now about to be replastered. It was put into "service" mode I believe by the pool man using the controls over by the equipment. He's told me that he can't adjust the run time of the equipment from that control (only has three buttons) and that I'll need to adjust that from the bedroom.

Two questions: 1. Can anyone confirm if that is correct or if there might be a way of doing that from the pool equipment?

2. What I can figure out is if I can change the schedule now without turning on the equipment. The problem is I'll be out of town when the equip is turned back on, so I'm trying to figure out if I can change the "run time" now and then he takes it out of Service mode in a few days.

I'm guessing that if I accidentally started the equipment that it would damage it since there's no water in the pool?

(On a related note, I was told the equipment should run 24x7 for 5 days after the pool is filled after the replaster. Is that the usual plan?)

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Aug 24, 2014
I have an AQUALINK and I can't turn anything on when it's in service mode. I think it's set up that way.
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