Need some Balancing advice

May 11, 2012
Danville, IN
Got my TF-100 test kit today and performed my first tests, should have sprung for the magnetic stirrer. Still getting the hang of this, so not sure how accurate. Here's where I am:

FC - 8
CC - 0.5
TC - 8.5
pH - 7.2
TA - 210
CYA - 70
CH - 590
Salt - 2900
Water is looking pretty good and clear

I'm questioning the CH because it's awful high. I did have to shock quite a bit after opening. That was before I found TFP so I used Cal-Hypo 73%, which might explain the high CH. Question is, what to do about it? Clearly pH and TA need some adjusting. What is the best method for tackling these values? Appreciate any guidance provided.


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Jul 21, 2011
Eastern Ohio
How much Cal-Hypo did you use by your best bet? Even adding 20 pounds, it would only raise your CH around 50ppm.

Can you test the water that you used to fill the pool with?

Either way your best bet is to use fresh water to lower the CH levels. High levels of CH can lead to scaling in your pool. As for lowering your TA the best bet is by using muriatic acid. With this high of a level you're in for a process, but it's going to pay off in the long run.
May 11, 2012
Danville, IN
I ended up using 30 lbs of cal-hypo 73%. Looking at my CC it still needs some more shocking. I'll be using bleach this time. I'll have to point my returns up to see if they break the water surface to bring pH up. I know it creates ripples but not sure that's enough. I use well water with a filter to add fresh water. Would adding softened water help or create more issues?