Need some advice or ideas I guess


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May 27, 2008
Jamestown, ND
Hello everyone! Just closed the pool today and heard of some people using tractor tire inner tubes to float in their pool under their mesh covers. Reason is for the snow weight on tope of the cover to not cause as much issues with the ice buckling onto the sides of the pool liner. I can see for compression as well, but I have had this pool for a number of years and my mesh meyco cover is just fine without doing that. I do try to keep the weight of the snow off the cover in the winter is all, and that way I never have to worry about the snow buildup in weight causing issues with the ice in the pool.

What other ideas do you guys use so maybe I dont have to do any snow removal on the pool cover. I figure I would need to put something under the mesh cover.

I did add an aquador skimmer face plate to the pool this year so that part is good and could allow me to fill my pool up further and when the ice freezes and expands, then shouldnt the mesh cover full of snow be just fine on top of the ice underneath or will it buckle come spring?

Just wanted to see what other people are doing. :hammer:

Sigh! Hard to cover that pool when it lookes so AWESOME all year long. Best pool season every this year as our climate was much warmer than in the previous 2 years. :whoot:

Thanks everyone.


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May 20, 2007
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I have never put anything under the cover. Keeping the water level up is sufficient since ice and snow float. The walls won't buckle since there is support on both sides of the walls.

The water will freeze and the cover will rest on or in ice under a snow load and pop back up when it melts.

If the water level in the pool drops, then you have a lost support condition.

I don't trust Aquador skimmer covers. I use blow through Gizmos or extensions in skimmers the vast majority of the time.



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May 27, 2008
Jamestown, ND
I agree. I plan to do as I always have but the aquador is more of a reaasurance factor now I think. I plan to put it at my normal level and call it good. In the skimmer I use a a half full bottle of antifreeze and tip it upside down. That for me has worked really well. I then cover the lid and seal it up with bubble wrap and duck tape to keep the rain/snow water out. That has also seemed to work well.

Thanks Scott for the info. I guess I just wanted someone to confirm what I was doing is correct as I too dont really trust the aquador, but that is just another safegard in case it either rains too much in March and then freezes again. That has happened to us here in ND. Crazy weather.
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