Need some advice/help SLAM


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Jun 9, 2015
Here are my numbers.
23500 gal lined in ground
FC 8
CC 1
PH 7.0-7.1 hard to tell
CYA 30 (top of tube and still see dot)

With my pump motor going out and weather I was late to open this year and my pool was dark green and unable to see bottom in shallow end. I started a SLAM once I got my motor hooked up on Friday it has been on 24hr since. I was able to check my cya after getting more reagent r-0013 today. I was assuming it was the same as last when I closed as it has not changed much in two years, around 50-60. I started a slam targeting 24. I have let it drop below 10FC a couple of times because of work. Now that my CYA is checked and lower, I should be targeting 12FC for SLAM, correct?

With the higher FC I have been trying to stay at based on incorrect CYA I am still very green and cloudy. I have auto cleaner running and scrub brush twice a day. Pressure has not gone too much higher from where it started, so I have only back washed once in 3 days.

Any suggestions or advice would be helpful and appreciated.



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Apr 1, 2007
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I am not sure you have ANY CYA. The dot should've disappeared before you got to the top of the tube.

I suggest you add a CYA dosage of 20 ppm. Wait a couple of days and test again.

Meanwhile, you never completed the SLAM. Bring your FC up to 12 ppm and keep it there until your pool is clear.

You are not in bad shape. The pool will be clear sooner than you might think.


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Jun 9, 2015
You Are correct never did complete, just was not sure if I was wasting bleach at this point. In 2 years I have never had it where I could see the dot the entire tube. I'll keep at 12FC am grab some CYA tomorrow then retest that in a few days. Thanks.