Need Skimmer for Angled-side pool

Jun 30, 2010
Hi everyone :) The skimmer that came with my used Splash pool finally died/disintegrated last fall. I need to get a new skimmer and was considering this model:

Intex Deluxe Surface Skimmer on Amazon

Im wondering about how well this will clamp onto the side of my pool, which is angled.

Splash sells replacement skimmers for their pools but mine would have to have a hole put into the side of the pool to accommodate the hold-down hose, and the skimmer and conversion kit seems somewhat costly.

Any suggestions welcome, I really need to get the skimmer in place, we have a lot of debris that comes into our yard from surrounding trees. Thanks!


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Apr 8, 2007
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The Intex mode will work but you need to be aware that it is finicky about being at the correct angle so you would need to modify the bracket to keep the unit perpendicular. We had one on our old Intex with inflatable ring and if thje ring leaked -deflated at all the skimmer would have issue from being off center