Need recommendations on a replacement AG pool - current pool is ruined


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Aug 15, 2015
It appears my 24' Rosemount AG pool needs a complete replacement after suffering wall buckling from snow and ice. See thread here for details:

walls buckling on my above ground pool

We are in the process of working with my insurance company to try and get a claim for snow and ice damage to get a replacement pool. This is where I need some advice as I keep hearing different stories.

The Rosemount has steel walls, 54" high with a resin top and steel supports. We had issues with the rocks around the pool rubbing against the wall causing rust spots. We also had an issue with rust on the stainless steel panel used for the skimmer and input. If we are starting over with another pool, I need advice on a 24' round 54" high AG pool that should be ok in MN.

From what I can tell there are 3 different AG pool material options:


Then they use different materials for the top and bottom rings and the top rail. I thought that Steel was the weakest of the 3 types and Aluminum was the strongest with Resin somewhere in between. We went to the pool store where we bought our pool as well as a competitor today to get information on options and were told completely different stories. The store where we bought our pool said they only do steel walls with resin tops like we had. They said aluminum walls were thin and easy to buckle and if it buckled at all it could not be repaired. Steel walls could be re-flattened and repaired to a certain extent. They were not familiar with resin pool walls and said that resin pool supports did not work in MN 5+ years ago as the weather caused the material to dry and crack apart breaking the supports. Temps vary here from -60 in the winter to 105 in the summer.

The other pool store which seemed to be better informed said they only sell aluminum pools because they are the strongest material, so strong you can stand on the top rail without worry of the walls buckling or getting damaged. They did not have an aluminum pool over 52" high and it did appear their prices were quite a bit higher compared to steel.

Our plan at this point is to proceed with the insurance claim then try to get the right pool for our location. We have rocks around the pool wall so I don't want rust issues from that. I'm worried about the walls caving again from ice and snow. I'm fine not covering the pool for the winter to avoid this if that is what needs to be done. I want to re-use my existing equipment with the new pool (1.5hp pump, waterway 26" sand filter, circupool sj40 salt system, heat siphon z575hc pool heater/cooler).

Can I get some feedback from the experts here on what I should consider? Does it make sense to avoid a pool store all together and look for an installer and just purchase the pool online? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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