Need Recommendations for New Cartridge Filter System and Related Questions


Jan 11, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
So, in the middle of 110 degree Las Vegas weather, my Sta-Rite 3 (S7M120) (prob. 15 years old?) has sprung a leak in the top half of the unit. I checked InyoPools and a replacement part will run over $500 anyway, so I am thinking that now might be a good time to just go ahead and swap out the whole thing? I am looking at the filters sold by Inyo but am not sure which ones would work (their office is closed now). Does anyone have a recommendation? Thoughts about their brands, ProClean and Clean & Clear?

Here are the relevant stats: In-ground 10k gal pool with built-in pop-ups and a small waterfall feature, 2 main drains and 1 return. About 20-25 feet between pool and equipment. Currently has a 2HP Max-E-Glas II pump motor. The Sta-Rite 3 unit is 300 sq ft filter area w/ 100 GPM.

My biggest priority is ease of use and maintenance; I would like to clean the filter once a year if possible. The Sta-Rite 3 has been hard for me to wrestle with since I'm not a large person, so a smaller unit would be awesome too. I also want to keep the same motor if possible since I just bought it last year. I read somewhere that the higher HP motor needs a larger capacity filter?

Related question: while I'm trying to get this worked out, will the water be ok if I just keep it chlorinated?

Thanks in advance; you guys are so helpful!



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Jun 16, 2019
hey Noob !! I keep going back and forth myself. I'll be needing a replacement in the next year or so. I would like the 4 smaller and lighter filters instead of the 2 monsters in my S7M-500. But I really REALLY like the ease of taking it apart and putting it back together. I'm sure I'd manage fine with the belt style clamps, but there are lots of complaints about them. So I dunno. Im day to day. You go first and let me know. :ROFLMAO:
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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
I love my Pentair clean and clear plus 320 and I clean it once a year, matter of fact is does not raise more than 2 PSI in the year :) it has 4 smaller filters and is easy to clean but takes about 15 minutes per when you are cleaning them... With a rubber mallet and a Dewalt impact driver to put the nut back on it is no problem...

Make sure you get a 3 way Jandy valve between your pump and filter so you can pump water out of your pool if you ever need to :)

They are not cheap but I have had 0 issues in 5 years....

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Oct 31, 2010
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Noob said:
..would like to clean the filter once a year if possible.
That is quite precisely the plan on all our pools as we run Maytronics (Pentair Warrior) which replaces filter almost entirely. Since dropping robots in 2x weekly, the filter media has zero material and using exclusively bottom drain for suction and circulation, pump runs 24h daily at about 20gpm