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May 3, 2021
New to this site and look forward to finding information and getting advice about how to take care of your pool. Just started taking over myself as it's time to do this on my own versus paying someone else to do it.

Upon closing our service we noticed some algae still on the walls and it's progressively gotten worse. To the point where we it's been recommended we drain the pool. Reason one being to do the SLAM process but more importantly we are going to switch to a Salt Water Chlorine system. Have a DE filter so grids and everything will be cleaned out as well.

On pool draining, plan is to do that completely and to fix one problem area that needs a quick re-patch. That should be reality quick and then can proceed with the next steps. This is where I have a few questions.

1) Once water is drained, is there anything recommended on how I should treat the walls of the plaster before re-filling?
2) How long can I leave the pool undrained? Note, have not done it yet but getting ready to do so.
3) Is there anything that should be done in preparation before the Salt Water Chlorine system is installed?

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Just to clarify, there is no need to drain the pool for algae, to perform a SLAM Process, or if converting to salt. Now if you have to repair plaster, that's understandable. But to your questions:
1 - Depending on what you are trying to clean or remove, you could spray a mixture of water/acid or water/chlorine (about 4/1 ratios). Scrub/brush then rinse. Some people go to power-washing, but be very careful about that as you can cause more problems.
2 - The sooner you fill it up the better. It's getting warmer and you don't want the plaster exposed to excessive heat or unprotected UV for too long. Floating a pool should not be an issue unless you had an unusual rise in the local water table.
3 - Not really other than adding salt. New plaster can't have salt added for 30 days, so if you do plaster work, keep that in mind - wait 30 days.

But that's about it. Look around at our pages and let us know if you have more questions.



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Jun 16, 2019
Hey *cannot bring myself to use your username so please insert it here* and Welcome !!!

Pat has you well covered above. Fire off any further thoughts/questions after reading some more. :)

^^^^ #thisistheway.
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