Need opinions on depths of steps/baja steps


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Jan 7, 2019
Surprise, AZ
We are doing an OB and just got excavation, plumbing is coming tomorrow. The plumber called me and asked me about the depth of our steps. We are getting an LED Bubbler added to the Baja step and the design currently shows the depths of our steps at 6,15,30. He said for the LED Bubbler to work it needs to be raised up to 10". Now my question is do I raise the Baja step to 10" and keep the bottom at 30"? Raise the Baja to 12" resulting in less bubbler awesomeness, and raise the third step to 28"? Or keep it at 15 and just use the bubbler to ripple the water?

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Lynx, I suppose by now you and your subs may have already come to a resolution for your steps, but figured I'd check in to make sure. Let us know if you need anything from the forum. Post back as much as you need to. Have a safe/nice 4th!