Need New Pump for Intex Pool

The 1500gph pump on my 18'x48" Intex bit the dust. I don't want to invest a bunch of money in a replacement, but I would like to upgrade.

I'm looking at the Intex 4000gph with type B filter for around $170.

I've also found the Intex 2100gph Sand Filter pump for around $250. And if going with the sand filter option, there's an Advantage 1hp pump/sand filter combo for about $230.

Also, since my clean pool is just sitting out in the sun with no pump or swg, what should I do to the water while waiting for a replacement pump?

Any quick advice or comments would be appreciated!


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May 7, 2007
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A sand filter can make a huge difference. Even a very basic sand filter is way better than the Intex paper filters. You have to decide if it is worth the money though.

You still need to be adding some chlorine every day. When you add chlorine you need to do something to help it mix in, and not just puddle on the bottom of the pool. One good way is to add chlorine by pouring slowly around the edge of the pool and then brush the whole pool to help it mix in.