Need new Heater, Pentair MiniMax NT 400 Dead

Apr 14, 2008
Hello Pool Peeps!

Ok so, my Pentair MiniMax NT 400 is officially dead. Especially after I tried to fix it lol....wouldn't light anymore, and now the control board has no power at all :)

Anyhow, after reading(here and other places) how crappy this heater really is, I do believe I'm in the market for a new 400,000 BTU Natural gas heater. I'd like to get some of you pro's recommendations for a new pool heater and where to buy. I'm in Southern CA. I believe I can do a DYI install since I'm not bad with my hands on with plumbing and elect.

A few questions:
- Can any OTHER BRAND pool heater be hooked up to my controller? I have a wall pool computer in my house, but here is my outdoor controller:

- I see my old heater is (Pentair MiniMax NT) had 240v in....are all heaters 120/240?

Heater Hook Ups:
- - Pool water in
- - Pool water out
- - 240v Power
- - Gas line
- - Com/Pool wires
(see picture here:
) What is this and do all heaters have this hook up?

- - Is that everything?

Thank in advance for any and all replies.