Need insight into valve handles, bubbles in return & pump...


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May 15, 2007
New Jersey
Hi all,

Need a little insight or experience with a few small issues or at least I hope they are.

First, is I have several valve handles to control the flow of water. One in particular is harder to turn then the they a way to make that easier and how?

Second is I do have very tiny air bubbles that come out of the returns. You dont see them until they get about 18" away from the returns...very tiny. They tend to "stick" to the return housings and the light. You just touch them and they go away. I read a post recently that my SWG may create these bubbles. Is that right and is that okay? Was going to ask my pool company but wanted to learn more before I said anything about this or the valves.

Lastly is my pump run time. I had originally set my put to run 7 hrs a day. 11am-4pm and then 12am-2am. The idea was to move the water a little over night. Well I tend not to be up at 12am but a few days ago I checked it about 12:30am and nothing was on. Checked again last night and still nothing. So now I know I have only had the pump running 5 hours a day (11am-4pm) since the beginning of June. I have had no issues with the water (thanks to my Taylor 2006 kit) . So my question is now this. Do I just leave it as is or change my times around. Basically the water is still for 19 hours with no circulation and usually has solar cover on it. Thanks for your input.



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May 7, 2007
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Very small bubbles that you can only sometimes see are normal when running a SWG.

The most sensitive indicator of sufficent run time is how the water looks. If the water looks good after more than a week then that is enough pump run time.