Need input - Increasing pH without increasing TA

May 11, 2012
Danville, IN
Need some advice. My pH is pretty stable at 7.6 but my TA wants to creep up from 80 to about 120 (right now). I've searched and read the posts online about how to increase pH without increasing TA, then bring both down with muriatic acid. I created adapters for two of my return jets to aerate the surface, as seen in the picture, and pretty much leave them in all the time. The issue is, no matter what I seem to do or how long I aerate, pH doesn't seem to want to come up. What am I doing wrong or are there any other options? Thanks!


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Nov 12, 2017
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Ah, fond memories!

I wrangled with TA for months when I first took over my pool's care. I was given the same advice you just got, but was stubborn about trying to get that TA where I wanted it. To no avail. I finally gave up and never looked back. TA settled in where it wanted to live. The end.

But for future reference, your bubblers are not working well because they're probably too small. This is what I used, three of them, and they were barely effective.

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