Need Help with Pool FC/CYA and SWG


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Jun 16, 2015
Voorhees, NJ
I opened my pool later that I had wanted, so I feel like I'm rushing to get it ready. We're having a party tomorrow, and I want it to be safe for swimming. I completed the SLAM on Thursday and started the SWG yesterday. The water is crystal clear, and the TA, CH, and pH are all in the correct range. It appears that my CYA is only about 10-15 (I have so much trouble doing this particular test). I did have to add some water at the beginning of the season, but I feel like it should be higher. I have the sock in the skimmer basket, but I know this takes a while. I have my SWG at 50%, and my FC is at 4.5. Is this too high? Should I lower the SWG and let it come down a little bit? I guess I could buy a few bottles of the Instant Conditioner, if I really wanted to raise the CYA quickly. I just want to have safe water while the CYA is in the process of rising. I appreciate any help, and I apologize if these are dumb questions. I know the general idea of the TFP method, but I still sometimes struggle with the implementation.


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Jul 7, 2014
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With a CYA of 20 you are safe up to an FC of 10... So you are fine .. I would think with a CYA of only 10 or 15 the sun will take care of most of the FC your cell is making anyway..

I would just keep an eye on the FC and not let it get above 7.... and have fun at your party..

Jim R.


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Apr 17, 2010
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In tis case....don't.........."go with your feelings Luke!" Go with your accurate testing results. If you've added enough CYA to bring your level to 70 or 80......assume it's in there until it can accurately show on a test in a couple days.