Need help with pool chemistry; Intex w/ SWG


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May 24, 2011
North Central Texas
Is your pool 42" or 48" tall? Your first post says one thing and your sig says another. 42" tall = 3357 gallons, 48" tall = 3861 gallons. These are approximations from Intex, but might give you better figures in the pool calculator. Two pounds of stabilizer may be all you need, so if you only have 1 pound left in the container, I would certainly think about removing some from the sock.
Okay, so I just tested my FC and it's .5, which is the lightest color on my little tester. So, I went to the pool calculator, put .5 on the left side and 10 on the right side, and it says I need to use 69 ounces of bleach. Doesn't that seem like a lot?
Okay. I'm going to add it now. Didn't add any last night because I wanted to wait for a reply here. I weighed my remaining cya and have 2 pounds left, so that means I've put in a total of two pounds. Think that's alright? There's still a lot in the sick that hasn't dissolved, so I can take it out if it's too much.


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May 24, 2011
North Central Texas
Two pounds of stabilizer should be fine to reach the CYA for SWG pools. Now, help me out, have we decided your need to shock the pool or are we just trying to get the CYA in there and the FC up so you will be ready to turn the SWG on to maintain the level?
No, shocking the pool hasn't been determined because we don't know how much CC is in there and I only have the hth 6-way test kit. FTR, the water appears fine.

I added the bleach and also have my SWG running for six hours.
Jul 12, 2012
We also have the same pool as you and according to The Pool Calculator the pool holds 4,600 gallons. In your signature you have 3,500-ish (?). So I am not sure what numbers (for your gallons) in pool calculator you are using (or if 1,100 gallons off) will make a difference. Just my two cents I noticed. :)
The reason I have "ish" is because my frame is 42" tall, but the water level isn't. I assume it's around 36", so if I put that into the pool calculator, that gives me 3,500 gallons. However, it could be a little higher than 36", hence the "ish". I know, I complicate things, lol!


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Jul 21, 2010
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I wondered the same thing about my pool while I was working on the deck next to the pool. I reached over with my tape measure, pulled out a couple feet and stuck it down into the water... I know I have 48 inches of water in my 52 inch walled pool.