Need help with pool automation


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Apr 21, 2021
New pool owner, and I’ve been researching automation systems, and I just cannot find clarity on what would work best for what equipment we have and what we want to do. Our PB was great but just didn’t seem to have a lot of knowledge about them.

What we have: Hayward variable speed super pump, Hayward colorlogic lights, raypak gas heater.

What we want to do: Ideally control remotely from an app on our phones.

I’ve seen a lot about OmniLogic but have been told it is overkill. Can’t find anyone that really knows a lot about OmniHub. I know all of these are hard to come by right now but what would be our best, most cost efficient system?

Open to anything else that is compatible with Hayward. Priority is lights and heater, pump is on a schedule and while it would be nice to have remote capabilities its not a high priority.


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Jul 21, 2013
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