Need help with New to me Swimming pool


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Nov 9, 2016
Brunswick OH
Hi Guys,

Im recently moved into a house with an unground pool. I would like to open the pool in the next couple of weeks. I have never opened a pool before and I need some help understand what pump/filter I have and how I operate it.

The pump/filter is a Slash Pak D.E. Filter system made by Jacuzzi Bros. I cannot find the model number anywhere on the unit.

what do I need to do in order to open the pool and then maintain the pool?

I have included the pics to help.



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Jun 7, 2011
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Hey dis,

Welcome to TFP :wave:

As you've gathered, it looks like you have a DE filter, and although less common they all work very much the same, and this may be a private label unit by one of the more well known makers. In any case, I am including a link below with more info, and there will be links within that for maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Once you have the filter sorted, you'll need a test kit to be able to maintain the pool on your own, and a little knowledge. All that is in Pool School starting with the ABCs, and a whole lot of people here ready to answer an questions you come up with. We suggest two drop based kits. The Taylor K2006 C and the TF100, with the latter being the best economic choice, but they both use same the Taylor reagents we prefer.

It seems overwhelming at first but if you look around the forum, you'll find hundreds, and hundreds of people who used to feel that way but now think its simple as can be. A lot of them have stuck around to show others how easy it is to keep a perfect pool. Enjoy your stay on the forum, and don't be shy with anything you need help with.

Pool School - Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Filters