Need help with new pool, pretty please. Couple of bama girls need some help.


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Jun 25, 2017
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Ok. Friends new pool. 24k gallon SVG. Iron well filled. Water also trucked in by tank that fertilizes fields. Chlorine level will not stay up. Have tried the 10 minute test and got FC level to hold to 5 but when tried to slam could only get fc level to 19 with 18 gallons of walmart pool bleach. Pool is green in deep end. But looks fairly clear until she adds bleach and then it turns green.

The problem she has been having is it holding chlorine.

Tf 100 test kit used and when doing test for FC I get 1.5 using speedstir. Then in 5 to 10 seconds the water in the cylinder turns back pink. This will repeat over and over if I continue to add drops to test. The sample of my water doesn't do this (it stays clear when it sits) and I don't know if is normal or not for hers to do this but doesn't seem to be normal. Wondering if it is because her chloramine level is so high.

FC- 1.5
pH- 6.8
CH- 125
TA- 60
**this is about 2 hrs after reaching fc level of 19 when trying to SLAM.

Thanks, we are just at a loss of how to proceed.

Please ignore my signature line, as this is my friends pool I am asking about.
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You can ignore the sample returning to pink when it sits after the FC test. That's normal, just ignore it. Get your FC reading (pink to clear) and move on with the CC test. Speaking of CCs .... wow. That's high. I suppose it's residual matter being processed from a well and chemical truck. That could be a battle for a while.

But if this is all new water, how is the CYA already approaching 80? Bleach won't do that. If that CYA is truly close to 80, your SLAM FC level should be 31. That would explain why you're not making progress. But I would make sure about that CYA. The entire SLAM Process process hinges on that one.

CYA Testing:
Proper lighting is critical for the CYA test, so you want to test for CYA outside on a bright sunny day. Taylor recommends standing outside with your back to the sun and the view tube in the shade of your body. Use the mixing bottle to combine/gently mix the required amounts of pool water and R-0013 reagent, let sit for 30 seconds, then gently mix again. Then, while holding the skinny tube with the black dot at waist level, begin squirting the mixed solution into the skinny tube. Watch the black dot until it completely disappears. If it helps, pour a little, look away, then look back and pour some more. Once it disappears, record the CYA reading. After the first test, you can pour the mixed solution from the skinny view tube back to the mixing bottle, shake, and do the same test a second, third, or fourth time to instill consistency in your technique, become more comfortable with the testing, and validate the CYA reading. If you are still questioning your own results, have a friend or two do the same test 2-3 times. Share your results only after everyone is done to see if you came up with the same average results.