Need Help with Intex Fittings & Adapters


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May 16, 2020
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Can someone please help me im a girl don't know a lot about pvc fittings and stuff. So i have a 18 inch intex above ground pool i want to hard plumb to Hayward sand filter. So i have no idea what size pvc I need what adapters or couplings i need please some one tell me what to get what size and anything else u care to share with me I would greatly appreciate it . By the way the pool has the two lines that go into a tee also .Thank u berry much?

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Hello and welcome! :wave: Are you still looking for those fittings? That questions comes-up a lot here. I'm going to modify your thread title to help catch the attention of other Intex owners who may know off the top of their head. Stick with us and post back as much as you need to.