Need help with Intex 1600GPH sand filter


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Apr 3, 2012
Frankfort , Illinois
Hello Guys
I own a 18' x 48" Intex Metal Frame pool. When I purchased the pool it came with thru-wall skimmer and a small pump on the bottom of the skimmer. We need to use a filter cartridges. Now I have purchased a Intex Sand filter 1600GPH Model # 56673EG. But the new filter comes with "easy connections". And my pool does not have them. How to convert the thru-wall skimmer so I will be able to connect the inlet? I can use the existing hole for outlet. Do I need ti cut a hole in the pool wall for the inlet? :cry:


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Jul 30, 2010
Twin Cities, MN
I would think number 28, called "Adaptor B" (it should have come with 2) in the parts list in the owner's manual would allow you attach to nipples, if that is what you have coming out of the skimmer.