Need help with green pool

Hello everyone I need help

- Had leslies open pool Wed 04/19 --- Looked decent a bit dark green. Ran the robot and cleaned it up.

- Added the In the swim pool opening kit with all the chemicals same day

- Have been Running pool filter for about 10 hours a day (8 am to 6pm)

Pool still not clearing up. Still greenish. Tested the water yesterday 4/21:

FC - 1
CC - 1
Ph - 7.4
TA - 100
CH - 140
CYA - 0

- Added 4 bags of In the swim Super shock after the test.
- Added 25 pounds of Hardness plus (was told to do that by Leslies)

I ran the filter as usual, did not run it for 24 hours. Not sure if that was the issue.

Anyways this morning water still looks of similar color. Maybe slight change. Still light greenish.

Tested chlorine = Still about 1-2

- Added 4 bags of super shock. Waiting for impact. Filter currently running. Its cloudy here so figure its ok to shock.

Please let me know if I am heading in right direction or if I need to do anything else?



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Apr 17, 2010
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Looked decent a bit dark green
Now there's two conflicting descriptions in the same sentence. Sorry to say, but you've been "leslied"...i.e. pool stored. Does your test kit include a fas-dpd chlorine test? I think it is only included in the K-2006. You're gonna need one in order to SLAM that pool and clear it. has it.

Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain There's a link in Pool School on how to procede. You'll need to raise your CYA to at least 30. It's gonna take brushing and filter cleaning to help you get there. Welcome to the forum.