Need Help to balance


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Jun 1, 2016
Acworth, GA
New liner, new water. Just opened the pool. Using TFTestKits.

This site was great last year and we had an awesome year using the site's recommendations. We had new brick coping and a new liner put in so drained the pool. I don't want my CYA getting high like last year. Figured I'd use Chlorine tablets to bring it up gradually.

FC = 12
CC = 0
TC = 12
CH = 25
TA = 40
CYA = 0

Going to add baking soda today as pool calculator says. But what about Borax? I added some last year, do I need that now?



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Jan 18, 2015
Bunbury, WA, Australia
If your pH is sitting at 7.2 you could just add 100oz of baking soda to bring the TA up to around 50 and then see how your pH goes from there. As long as it doesn't drop any lower I wouldn't worry about the borax at this stage.