Need help selecting new pump and filter!


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May 30, 2019
We have an 18 foot x 45 foot oval above ground pool that is 4.5 ft deep. (approximately 21,500 gal) Vinyl liner, one in-wall skimmer with an 18 in (I think) sand filter and a 1.5 HP pump. This will be the 7th summer we've had the pool. The filter is original, but we've replaced the pump twice already. I think it originally came with a 1 or 3/4 HP pump. When we closed the pool last year we had some small leaks around some of the valves/attachments. Upon opening this year the pump won't start up and there must be a crack in the bottom of the filter as it is leaking now as well. We want to replace the whole filter/pump set up. The pool's metal frame is designed with 2 available cut-out spots on opposite ends of the pool for the skimmer and return jet, but it only came with one filter/pump set up. We have a Hayward automatic pool cleaner, but it has never worked well on the end of the pool away from the filter/pump. I have wondered in past years if we should add another unit on the other end. Now we have no working pump or filter, so my question is this:
Do we get one pump/filter that is big enough to handle the entire pool or do we get 2 smaller pump/filters so that each end stays cleaner (by moving the automatic cleaner) and if one fails we still have the other one as back up?
Thanks for your opinions!


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Sep 10, 2013
El Cajon CA
You could also get one pump/filter big enough for the entire pool but plumb it to both ends and use valves to regulate the flow to where you want it. Might help with the end your cleaner isn't getting that well. I'm no expert on what size pump to get but I'm sure someone else could direct you on the correct size.