Need help re-assigning Aux3 on my iAqualink for my Stenner pump

Apr 29, 2021
Houston, TX
I plumbed and wired up my Stenner pump this weekend, but ran into a minor snag. I hope this is just a simple programming issue...

I have the iaqualink RS-4 with a main filter pump, a second pump for the water features (aux1), lights (aux2) so aux3 should be available for my stenner pump.

My water feature pump controls both sconces and some bubblers. The pool builder assigned the button on the panel for aux3 to the valve that controls whether the sconces are on or off when the water feature pump is on. There is a 24V AC valve that controls whether only the bubblers or both bubblers and sconces are on and that appears to be tied into the Solar JVA.

There was nothing wired to the aux3 relay in the box before i hardwired the Stenner pump to it. The aux relay activates whenever the sconce (water feature button on panel / "Sconce" in app is on. There was an extra aux i renamed Chlorine Pump in the app (see screenshot from app control panel)

How do i disassociate the sconces / water feature 2 from aux3 (or can i?) and reprogram the aux3 to the chlorine pump. I want to be able to turn sconces on/off separately from the bubblers, but does that require using aux3? There's a "solar" button on the right side of the panel - can it be assigned to that?



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Jun 7, 2017
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Physically move the relay you are using from aux3 to the solar. Unplug it from one and move it over to the other. I did a similar thing I used the solar relay and position to activate a power outlet for my low-voltage lighting.



Apr 29, 2021
Houston, TX
Thanks. Everything is connected and works properly at the control box, but i need to work through some of the programming now. In service mode when i press the buttons, everything is working correctly, but when i pulled the connector for the relay from aux3 and moved it to solar, i lost the ability to independently control the sconces from the app. I also need to figure out how to tie the "solar" button on the panel to the extra aux / chlorine pump so i can program it to run. I'll do some research and see what i can figure out, but might be back with more questions later today.
Apr 29, 2021
Houston, TX
Thanks for the help. I finally have everything connected, programmed and running properly now. I made a couple changes which finally seemed to get everything working.

I moved the connection for the JVA on the water features pump from solar to cleaner, connected the relay to the solar heater connection instead of aux3, and cleared the memory and reconfigured everything from scratch with the help of a YouTube video on programming the Jandy iAquaLink.

Now all that’s left is commissioning the stenner pump and figuring out how many minutes I need it to run each day.

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