Need help planning a build in Richardson, Tx


Jun 11, 2020
Dallas, Texas
Can I "lock" you in on it???
Yes you can! with maybe some subtle refinements :)

do you need that extra light on the short side wall of the shallow end
I was not sure about that extra light either... I will probably remove it. I'm planning on going with 1.5" nicheless which are not as bright but the other lights should give just enough of a glow.

You need to figure out how you want to lights to work, before buying the automation.
Good call. I'm planning for them to all the lights to be controlled together. Maybe we could separate the spa light but will likely keep them all together.

larger and more spillover places you have on the spa, the faster your pump will need to run
Good point. I will definitely reduce the width of the spillover, and likely remove the one on the ledge.

I'd add two more relays as spares
Will do!

I would add would be more umbrella holders
Seems like this recommendation comes up often, I will definitely look at that. Just need to get out there during the day and see where the sun hits.

Thank you everyone for the input! I feel really good about this now going into discussions with builders. Once I get further along I will probably come back for input on pluming size, number of returns, etc. Will keep this updated as we progress.


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Jul 20, 2020
Houston, TX
Do you know if there are any basketball goals that fit into the umbrella sleeves?
I had not thought of that! But I found one!

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