Need help/opinion of skimmer leak fiberglass pool


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Pool is 20 years old, never had an issue with the skimmer. Since summarizing (water was left below skimmer) the pool was dropping about an inch a day leveling off at the bottom of the tiles, 1/2” above skimmer bottom. There are no visible cracks inside the skimmer or the tunnel. I also checked the entire edge around the pool and see no cracks. The tile is just glued to the fiberglass shell.

I took off the face plate (no gasket) and filled the screw holes with marine silicone and used a 2-part epoxy around the inside where the shell meets the skimmer body. Waited 6 hours and filled pool. Now, after a week, the leak has slowed but levels off in the same place. I think I should have waited 24 hours before adding water and there may have been water in the screw holes when I put the silicon in.

Today I cleaned the fiberglass shell. Scraped with a razor and used a magic eraser to get a clean surface.

So, should I try the same thing again? Wait 24 hours before starting so the holes dry out? Or put epoxy in the screw holes? Or something else? I have a new faceplate, and gasket to put on under the faceplate. Maybe the addition of the gasket may help.

I’m just looking for some guidance.



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Really good stuff for this is 3M 5200 marine. You must clean really well around the edge and tape it off. Apply small bead and work it quickly then remove tape for sharp lines. Maybe practice on other material to see how thick a bead you can work. Same with screw holes. It's likely the seal of the skimmer face not just the screw holes
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