Need help on what to tackle first on restoring in ground pool


Apr 22, 2019
Long Grove, IL
Hello! First time being here and posting. We purchased a foreclosure with the intention on fixing the in ground pool that existed. I am not sure how long it's been neglected, we KNEW it needed a liner but when my husband drained I this weekend to get all measurements we feel we need more than a liner :) I know I will need the padding to go around the walls and then the liner, but does it seem like we need more? The walls are metal, the bottom is sand / dirt. Obviously we need to get in and get all the rest of the disgusting stuff out. But give me your thoughts please!

We are very much trying to DIY this as we are fixing everything in the house (remember foreclosed) but the kids are begging for the pool to be ready this summer.

*edited to add, we did have the previous man that took care of the pool test the lines and he said they are good



Apr 22, 2019
Long Grove, IL
What does the pool equipment pad look like?

Those steel walls structurally sound? Any of them bulging?

@PoolguyinCT @jimmythegreek @kadavis may have some thoughts.
None of the walls are bulging, thank goodness. The pool equipment pad, you are talking about where the pump and all that is. All of that looks great. I don't have a picture on me right now but there is a nice size heater, filter and pump. We are going to buy a new pump because we are not sure how old that one is. Everything around the pool looks great, it's just inside of the pool that looks scary :)

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we did have the previous man that took care of the pool test the lines and he said they are good
Hummmm. Don't be so sure. You'll find out soon. In any case, welcome to TFP! :wave: Use this thread as much as you need to. Lots of folks here willing to help. Congrats on purchasing the new pond ................ I mean soon-to-be oasis. :swim:
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Aug 10, 2017
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you cant go by somebodys word, you really need to adress this as a whole deal. I will tell you that a liner pool is not safe to keep empty like you have it. the water in the pool is what keeps the walls up and in shape. if you have heavy rains or the walls have rust behind the supports there is a chance the wall can bulge or bow and the repair is tremendous. you need to address this ASAP. if you have any groundwater issues the hurry becomes even more important. If the base material is indeed sand chances are there are not any groundwater issues, but Im not there to see it and say. the rust looks normal for an aged pool they all rust at the concrete line water gets trapped in the void between metal panel and concrete locking ring.
you basically have to make a decision if you want to DIY this. you either figure out how to pressure test all the lines and do that first and decide if you have to make repairs if its worth it to you. broken lines underground require going thru the pool deck and replacing broken sections. this is thousands of dollars of work with a pool company. the other thing you can do is measure for the liner after getting all the muck and old liner out of the pool and get it ASAP. tons of videos on youtube. you would have to shape up the floor to accept the liner, and you will need all new gaskets for any fittings that penetrate the pool, like skimmers, returns, etc. once you get liner and water in you can then address plumbing and figure all that out after the pool is "safe"again. cant tell from pics how bad floor is and what kind of condition you found it it. there may be a soft concrete base in there with alot of muck and dirt over it unless you have already investigated that