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May 1, 2012
Houma, LA
A person in the neighborhood was asking for advice on FB about their pool a couple weeks ago. I asked a question about the issue and she responded that it was losing water while filtering. I ask a few days ago and the "pool experts" she was told to contact never went and checked out the issue. So I offered to go over and see what could be the issue. Long story short, the Pentair filter valve is bad. Water is going out of waste/backwash line while filtering or recirculating. Luckily there is a ball valve on that line and I was able to shut it off so they stopped losing water until they get a new valve assembly.
There are many many bypass valves and many other lines. We tracked most down but there is one that has me perplexed.
On the return line, just past the salt cell is a tee and 2 way valve. 1 line is for main pool return and 1 is for the jacuzzi. That we figure out. However, off the jacuzzi tee is a reducer to a 3/4 line that is on a separate pump. The 3/4 is fed to the pump then out of the pump to another 2in line in the concrete. Anyone have any idea what that would go to? I was thinking a pressure type cleaner. But why 3/4 to 2in?

None of the lines are marked so it is very complicated especially for me cause I don't have all that going on on my pool. They have only had the house for 4 years and are not the original owners. The pool is about 20 years old.

TIA for the help.


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Nov 12, 2017
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You'll get lots of help here on that. But you could help your helpers by supplying a picture or two. Otherwise they're working in the dark. Once you get it all figured out, label everything. There are pool label kits for that on Amazon, or use a Sharpie.
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May 1, 2012
Houma, LA
Yeah I should have taken a few pics of the filter area.
Only image I have shows the valve which was the most important issue at the time.
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