Need help installing DIY Fiberglass Pool


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Feb 7, 2019
Hello, I have found places that sell fiberglass pools and a cheap price but its DIY. I dont know the first place to start to getting this done. Do pool companies install without it being their pool? Im in red oak tx 75154. Do anyone know who could install/excavate this fiberglass pool for my home?


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Jul 21, 2013
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From what I understand fiberglass pools take care to install correctly so they do not crack. The dig has to be perfectly level and the soil properly prepared. And the pool has to be carefully handled during installation so it does not crack.

Pool companies will want the same profit if you buy the pool from them or provide the pool. Ask the supplier of the fiberglass pool you want who their installers are in your area. Some suppliers have their own roving installation crews.
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Do anyone know who could install/excavate this fiberglass pool for my home?
Unfortunately, I'm a bit south from you so I'm no help with a referral. I'm sure if you check around long enough someone might be able to point you in the right direction. Be careful though. Being a FB owner, I have an appreciation for the preparation, base material, and the physical "drop" of the shell into that hole. You don't want anyone doing a hack job that's for sure. Otherwise you run the risk of that shell caving-in, cracking, or settling crooked later. Good luck!
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Aug 10, 2017
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you arent going to save any money by buying a pool from one place and trying to get a builder to install it for you. not to mention fiberglass is unforgiving and any issue will result in you dealing w the seller on a warranty, and they will point the finger to the installer. call some pool companies and see what you can get for a budget job, depending on how fancy or simple you wanna keep it you can get a pool for a decent price. Ive seen many post on here for basic steel wall pool and a simple concrete deck for a reasonable price. it costs twice as much to install and complete the pool as it does the cost. so if your looking at a 12k dollar fiberglass pool plan on 20-25k for the install, equipment, plumbing, electrical, concrete. theres SO much more than just the pool
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