Need help identifying these plugs on the bottom - are these 1 way?


Oct 15, 2019
Princeton NJ
Hey all,

I'm working on closing my pool for the first time and I have these plugs on the bottom of the pool that do not look like normal return lines. I tried finding them on Amazon to learn more but I can't find them. One plug is flush with its mount and the other is sticking out. I just ran compressed air through and I only saw bubbles coming from the one that's flush. Are these cleaners of some kind? Do they act like 1 way valves?

Thanks for the help!



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Jul 30, 2014
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Also, can you upload pictures of the equipment pad? If you have an in-floor cleaning system (appears so), there should be a canister somewhere. The canister top should be removed to have access to the area. You would be using "air lock" methods to clear the lines and trap air.

Below is some information on the Paramount System, but yours may be different.

Paramount System - Plugs, etc. Safety cover and water levels