Need Help ID-ing inlet fitting


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Sep 25, 2019
Hi! I am looking to identify the manufacturer of the part in the photo. Here's the background: My brother recently bought a house with an above ground pool and we're trying (so far in vain) to whip it into shape. We have no information regarding the make/model/age of the pool, but it's 25,000 gallons.

Right now there is one return inlet going into the pool. It is missing a cover, so we have no way of efficiently directing the water flow. My brother bought a standard inlet cover, and it did not fit, what he's got in the pool is too big. Any pool store he's taken it to has seemed surprised by that and insist the covers are supposed to be universal. One person suggested it may be an old/no longer produced part. I am also wondering if maybe it's not in backwards or something. Even stranger, he found an unused inlet assembly in the shed and it doesn't match the one in the pool. The standard inlet cover fits that one.

I have taken to emailing pool part manufacturers to ask if it's their part, and have been suggesting it may be old. So far, no luck. Waterway, Heyward and Aquastar say it's not theirs.

Leslie's says just replace the whole shebang, a different pool store says don't do that, it's risky to the liner, try to find the part. Anyone have any ideas?IMG_5759.JPG

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Jun 14, 2019
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I'm definitely not an expert although in your picture the part isn't in backwards.

You can drain the pool down half way and that won't have any bad affects on your liner. I did mine 2xs this summer fixing my own issue.
If it were mine I'd probably replace the whole return inlet. However what that project "looks" like but I can't imagine it's hard.

Good luck!

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Jun 22, 2009
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Can you post a picture of the outside part of the fitting?
Do you know the make of the pool and/or any equipment?

I'm with Tracey, draining the pool down that far won't hurt anything.


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Jul 24, 2019
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I wanted to change the return inlet in our small pool. I drained it to about halfway and changed it myself. Took less then 30 minutes and it was my first time doing it.
Just be really careful, if the liner moves or stretched (making the hole an oval instead of a circle you might be in trouble.