Need help.....Hayward pump problem....


Jul 1, 2007
NW Minnesota
I have a 1HP hayward power-flo matrix pump and sand filter for my AGP and it has been acting funny lately.

When I go to start it the pump turns on and I see the water in the strainer start to circulate a bit. The pump doesn't seem like it is up to its full speed and after about 30 secs of it working like this it is tripping the breaker. My DH forgot to plug the pump in last evening so it isn't too hot from running. It is priming and it seems like it is working hard. It is only 1 year old and it just started acting up the past few days. I have went from a 24/7 running schedule(removing iron from water) to a schedule where it runs intermittently in the evenings and early am. Any ideas?



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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
Hi and welcome to TFP!!

I would check the lines and impeller for any obstructions. You can also run the filter on 'recirc' to insure that the filter isn't clogged. As a last idea, is the water level high enough so that the skimmer doesn't suck air when the pump gets up to full speed, or the skimmer weir (door) stuck up.

Please keep us abreast of developments and we'll add on as needed :)