Need help getting FC raised before I turn on SWG


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Jun 4, 2021
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Hey all.
I renovated my 30,000 gallon inground pool this spring, new plaster went in May 28, 2021.
I have an Intellichlor SWG that I’m hoping to start using soon. I’m having trouble getting the FC level up before I turn on the SWG. I added 4 gallons of bleach last night and here are my levels this morning:
FC 0
CC 0
ph 7.2
TA 90
CH 210
CYA 70 (went this high because I read on here to have CYA around this for SWG).
The water is clear.

I was planning on testing salt level and adding salt today, but not sure if I should keep trying to get FC up before starting up SWG. If that’s the case, any suggestions on getting the FC up?


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

You need to SLAM Process the pool today... If your Free Chlorine is at 0 you are going to have algae visiting soon... This should be a fast SLAM if it is clear... Using liquid chlorine only bring the chlorine up..

For a CYA of 70 your SLAM target is 28 FC You are over the 30 days so no issues doing a SLAM..

Once you pass the Overnight Chlorine Loss Test test you can let your FC drift nback down and turn on your SWG when FC is at 7.. try keeping FC at 7 at all times :)

FC/CYA Chart
Recommended Levels

Remember, SWG do not like to raise FC but they are GREAT at maintaining it...
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