Need help choosing from equipment choices


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May 7, 2010
75 we got the new pool liner installed over the weekend. That will have to be it's own post lol. But it's in and I think successful this time :)

The pool is an older Lomart 15x30 above ground that came with our house.

We are trying to determine whether to use the stuff that was here...IF it works, not sure it was properly winterized, versus the stuff from our old pool.

Here is what was with the pool:

Hayward Pro Series High Rate Sand Filter
Not sure of the size but it's smaller than our other filter. It holds 100lbs of sand if that helps.
These are the specs:
Effective filter area 1.4 sq ft
Filter rate 25 sq gpm/ sq ft
Design flow rate 35 gpm
Max working pressure 50 psi

Pump - Hayward Power Flo LX 1.5 HP

Here is what we brought with us that we got from a friend who also had a 15x30 pool, we used it on an 18' round pool.

Clear Master Plus 19 Sand Filter Uses 150 lbs sand
Design Flow rate 40 (assume gpm)
35 PSI

Pump- Pentair Dynamo 2HP

Not sure what I am looking at as far as what should go with what for my size pool. We also have an Aqualuminator light but it needs a new bulb. Anyone know how hard it is to replace that with the pool full? Funds are a bit tight with having to buy the liner, salt, stabilizer, etc. so I'd like to wait on the bulb but will have to go ahead and install the old one since it serves as the return. Oh and we also have an Intex SWG. It worked wonderfully with the 18' pool, hoping it will work with this bigger pool.



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May 7, 2010
Aww I thought for sure you gurus would have some words of wisdom :(

about to go cut out for the skimmer and return...scary!! lol


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May 19, 2010
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The 2HP pump is overkill and will just cost you more money in electricity (in fact the 1.5HP is also likely larger than you need)

I would also think you would be better off with the larger sand filter regardless of the pump you choose to use.

This pool is about 60% larger than the old one assuming the depths were the same ... I am not sure what the output of that SWG is, but you may have to run the pump longer to get enough FC out of it.


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May 7, 2010

I'm trying to remember how to lay out the plumbing..can someone verify this is right:

Skimmer -> pump -> filter -> return

I can't remember where the SWG .. I think after the pump but is it before or after the filter?