Need help choosing automation controller - 3 normal pumps with propane and solar heaters


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Sep 19, 2021
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We want to install a solar heater in-line with the propane and control our 3 pool pumps. I was looking at the Aqualink but I’m a novice and am not sure how to tell which model will do what I want.

I have 3 standard pool pumps - no variable speed pumps at all. The pool is an infinity edge so there is one pump for the main pool waterfall, one for the spa waterfall, and one booster pump that just controls the bubble jets in the spa.

We have three manual hand valves that will need to be converted to automatic and the solar system will add another valve. We also want to control the propane heater to boost the spa temperature.

I don’t have any other water features. There are lights but I’m not hard up on controlling those since I can use a smart switch if I need to.

The Aqualink selection guide talks about pumps and auxiliary devices but I can’t seem to find one that says it does 3 standard pumps.

Can someone please help me out and point me in the direction of a suitable controller?


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May 20, 2020
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I have 3 pumps and use an AquaLink automation system. I have the main circulation pump, a dedicated water feature pump and a cleaner booster pump. Aqualink sets their system up as a RS-4, RS-6, RS-8, etc. depending on how many features you need to control. I also have a NG heater. The Aqualink can simply turn on turn off the single speed pumps, set a schedule for each, turn on the heater & set the temperature. Do you have a air blower for the spa jets? Also, the lights can be controlled if you get the RS-6 or bigger unit.

You may want to post a picture of your equipment pad and another one of your pool/spa. That will help in further review.

I see you use LC so no need to consider a SWCG but maybe something you are thinking about for the future?

Just so you are aware, Pentair would have a similar system.

Do you want to control by a panel in your home or do you prefer a wireless system that connects to your phone and PC? That will drive certain models you need to consider for either Jandy Aqualink or the Pentair Easy Touch or IntelliCenter system.
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