Need help being first time pool owners


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May 12, 2017
Glastonbury, CT
Hi, we just purchased our new house last Oct and it has a beautiful pool that we would like to enjoy with our kids this season. We had a local pool company open the pool last week on 5/9 and they dumped a ton of chlorine to get it started. Pool looked crystal clear at the time (sorry didn't take pics). We got the water tested at Leslie's on 5/13 and the results were FC 2, TC 2, Salt 2500, CH 180, CYA 0, TA 110, PH 7.4. They gave us stuff to add for CH, conditioner and salt. After adding all this my husband ran the pool robot, cleaned the skimmers, filters etc. and we got the water tested again on 5/14 at local store. Results they gave us are FC 3, CH 220, TA 50, PH 8.2 and told us to add 2 bags of salt. My husband added the salt yesterday. Today, to my complete disappointment since I really want o use the pool soon, the pool looks cloudy with a slight green tint and has bugs floating on top (some pics attached).

I am looking for guidance on what to do and how to take care of the pool so it is always crystal clear. I want to understand how often to test the water, how often to clean the pool, how often to add salt, how often to run the filter and best times to run it etc.



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Mar 19, 2016
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Welcome to the board! Nice pool. One of the experts should be along shortly to help out. While you are waiting try reading Pool School and that should help with some of your questions.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Well, you've been "pool stored". Like a fly in the web. Very frustrating and expensive. Let us help you starting now:
1 - You need to test your own water. It's easy and much more reliable. But you need the RIGHT test kit. We recommend either the TF-100 (link below) or Taylor K-2006C. I love my TF-100. It will pay for itself. I would encourage you to also get the XL Option and magnetic speedstir. You can thank me later. :)
2 - No more added chemicals to the pool other than regular bleach. You have a vinyl pool so adding CH was not necessary. Some of the other advise was questionable as well. Unless you fill from a well (iron) to cause green water, the green is most probably algae. Chlorine (bleach) dispensed in the "correct" amount is the remedy.
3 - You will need to "SLAM" the pool (link below) to rid the pool of algae. For that, you need the proper test kit (i.e. TF-100).

Your pool is just a little larger than mine. So just add 1/2 gallon of regular bleach to the water each day. Your SWG will not be ale to produce the amount of FC required to kill the algae, so stick just to bleach for now if you like. What you don't want to do is get frustrated and dump excess stuff in there which could damage the liner. That 1/2 gallon will not kill all the algae. It's just to help keep things from getting much worse for now until your test kit arrives.

Once you get your test kit, the very first test we need to know is your CYA (stabilizer). The store almost never gets that right. So when you get the kit, test and post a full set of results and we'll look first for the CYA and help you to "SLAM" the pool. Hang in there, help is on the way with the proper test kit and TFP pool care.


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Jun 29, 2016
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If you need proof that pool store tests are not accurate, look at the 60ppm drop in alkalinity between tests. Unless somebody filled that pool with acid, that's not going to happen in a day. ;)

However, welcome! Follow Texas's suggestions and you'll be in shape in no time. You'll likely have some up-front expenses (test kit, bleach, stabilizer), but it should be smooth sailing from there!


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May 12, 2017
Glastonbury, CT
Thank you!! I feel less stressed already. Taylor K-2006C has been ordered and chlorine added. I will continue to add 1/2 gallon daily until I get the test kit. Will post first set of results soon.
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