Need help balancing.....please

Our pool is super cloudy......cant see the bottom. We are having such a hard time getting it cleared up. Owning a pool has NOT been fun for us. Which is unfortunate because we have 2 small kiddos ready for the weather to warm up so they can jump in. Feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. We have used bleach/liquid chlorine. We tried to slam but we obviously didn't do something correctly. At this point this is where we are. We haven't added anything for 24 hours in fear of messing something up with our totals. Here is our totals we just took:
CYA - 30
TA - between 90 and 100 (it never really turned RED, only pink) is "pink" what the test needs or does it need to be "red"
CH - between 200 - 225 (the blue was very very light, so one extra drop turned it blue (but still what would be considered light blue)
FC - 14.5
CC- 1.5
TC- 16
PH - 7.3 to 7.4

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Jan 6, 2010
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Easy question first: The TA test turns Barbie Pink, not red. Unless FC is super high, then it will go blue>yellow. But at any rate, your TA is okay, and TA is the last thing you worry about.

If those readings are all correct, you're doing great! You're above shock level for your CYA, so it's just a matter of brushing and vacuuming and filtering and patience. Lots of patience. Just to be sure, now, you did test FC with a 10 ml sample? You wouldn't be the first to mistakenly use 25 ml and use the wrong factor to multiply.

The record for a SLAM is 3 days... but that guy was obsessed and got up every two hours through the night. Typically it's a week or ten days. Black sludge ponds could go a couple weeks. It didn't go green and cloudy in just a day, and as the parent of small children, you know that making the mess takes a fraction of the time to clean it. Just take comfort that this could well be the last time you ever have to deal with algae, now that you have a test kit and are taking control of things.
Thank you for your reply. Yes I did use the correct 10ml. Thanks for double checking on that. Our pool was brownish green over the winter because it was such a mess and we are new to TFP . So we just now got the test kit to do the SLAM. We failed to test our PH level at the beginning of the slam process though. My husband is vaccuming and brushing as I type. :) Thanks again!!