Need good advice! Installing new pump/plumbing help


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Apr 21, 2014
Ok so do I need to cut off the threaded coupler here( see pic) or can I find a coupler to go over the 2in elbow? I was thinking I can maybe chisel/cut off the old threaded coupler? And use the 2in pipe under it ? Ive seen it fine on you tube but know it’s not always successful. I’ve done lots of plumbing but not much pool plumbing... I’m stuck here. I’d rather not pay a plumber but will if I need too. 🤣

Or should I cut out the 3 way valve and redo everything?


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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Well Karl, I'm afraid it doesn't look very good to me. :( Your hands are really tied in that tight area with no PVC room or unions to work with. If it were me, I'd cut it all out and start over. PVC work isn't rocket science, and since you sound handy with pipes, I suspect you'll do fine. Buy a few extra parts just in case. Still much cheaper than hiring someone. You might consider re-routing things to where you can incorporate unions for future disassembly if required. If that 3-way is old, you might consider an upgrade like a Jandy never-lube? I'm sure others will comment as well. Have a nice weekend.
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Oct 25, 2015
Couldn't agree more with Pat on all points Get enough unions to remove your equipment for maintenance you'll need them sooner or later. Fit your new pipe up true and plumb with soapy water to help get everything fully inserted then mark fittings along the edges and perpendicular to the edge so you can glue it exactly right. Use a pencil not a magic marker since the primer will take it right off. It'll look like a pro did it!

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