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Jun 19, 2014
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In a different thread, I got some GREAT help completing the wiring for an Easytouch 4 control system I installed for my 20K gal pool with an IntelliFlo 2 VST (3HP) pump & IC40 SWCG. Turned it - worked great, BUT I discovered a crack in the old Tagelus TA-100D (w/ 2" pvc piping) sand filter. Tried repairs, no go.

So now I need a new filter. Two things I need help with:

1. I don't know how to "size" a filter, but the previous homeowner told me the Tagelus TA-100D was "way oversized" for what was really necessary. So what size filter do I NEED (as opposed to what would be ideal) for either a sand filter or a cartridge filter? The prices appear to really jump betwern sizes (for either type) and cartridge units seem way more expensive than for sand.

2. If it's large enough, one possible option might be Pentair's "newish" Tagelus TA60D CP. It's obviously smaller than the TA-100D I have, but it incorporates the Clean & Clear Plus" technology from their cartridge filters so it can filter out much smaller particles. It appears to be less expensive than most cartridge units or a new TA-100D. But I haven't been able to find substantive info about it other than Pentair's own literature. Anyone have opinions about this?

I'm not stuck on just hearing about that one, however: I really do want to know about how to figure out the right filter size & hear about other filters the TFP can recommend, as well.

(And I also know about the shipping delays now, so just finding one will be a challenge, too.)



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Jul 21, 2013
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In my view filters are commodity. They all filter a pool good enough.

No filter is too big. You do not need to clean a way oversized filter anywhere near as often as a smaller filter. A larger filter comes in handy when you have an algae problem and need a lot of good filtering of the dead algae. Otherwise you can end up needing to clean the filter every few hours.

So my recommendation is to go as big on your filter as your budget allows.

The differences between the filters are not in the filtering but in how you clean and maintain them, the amount of water they need to clean it, and how waster is handled. Figure out what you prefer to deal with.
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Aug 10, 2017
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Bigger is better, I'm a fan of cartridge. No multiports to deal with and a quad filter setup cam go a season without needing a cleaning on a well maintained pool. Easy to disassemble and wash filters too, no DE, no sand, simple stuff


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Jul 7, 2014
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As Allen points out they all work about the same, but at the same time every one has their favorite.

I started with DE filters and was disappointed when I had to install a large cartridge filter when we built a pool at my house.. That was about 7 years ago, and I now can't wait until the DE filters at my rent houses die, and I can replace them with large cartridge's filters.

I could go all year without cleaning them but I clean them twice a year.. Once in the Spring and once again in the Fall.


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