Need decent Pool Vac to vacuum dirt due to dislodged PVC.


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Apr 25, 2014
DFW area
Hello poolsters, I am an occasional user that visits here ever so often as issues arise. That being said before and after I had my pool resurfaced a little over a year ago I have noticed that I am getting quite a bit of dirt blowing back into our pool from one of our four wall jets. As a result, I am constantly getting fine dirt collecting on the bottom of the pool. I assume it is from a dislodged PVC coming into contact with the soil that is under my deck.

I have been putting a plug in the jet occasionally in the interim to help relieve the problem, but for now I need a decent and hopefully more powerful pool vac that I can use to vacuum before various peoples come over.

I realize that I probably have a PVC seperation under my deck that is causing this problem, but am not ready to tackle that problem at the moment.

All that being said can I get a recommendation or two on an adequate and hopefully powerful POOL VAC for the floor of my pool so I can clean that area more quickly and efficiently than the unit I am currently using? (That unit being a Pool Blaster Millennium that I purchased a couple of years ago).

Thanks much in advance for any input you can supply!



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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

I think the power of a pool vacuum comes from your pump and not from the cleaner. If you want more power you need to look at a robot cleaner.