Need cover advice.


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May 26, 2009
Seminole, FL
I have a 13,000 inground pool here in Florida and I need a cover to keep out the bugs/frogs/leaves/etc. But I'd also like one that still lets some light through, lets water through (rain), and is not a solar cover.

My pool is kidney shaped. I'd like the cover to block some light but not all (My pool is usually too warm, it gets TONS of direct sunlight and is usually ~88-89 degrees in the summer here in Florida.) I'd also like it to block some light to help cut down on the chlorine usage. I'd like a cover that also lets water through as the frequent rains in Florida will keep me from having to add too much hose water. But I want it to keep out the leaves/bugs/frogs (I live on a pond) that frequent the pool.

Any advice?

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