Need Advice on pool pumps

Jun 22, 2012
I have a 16x 32 Doughboy pool (above ground). Had for past 12 years. I have only had to replace the liner. The pump or power pak is making loud sound and really don't have pressure to clean pool anymore. I am thinking that I need a new pump. Have 1hp motor. Must I replace with same kind or does anyone recommend a particular one???????? Need any advice. Do you know any online pool suppplies to buy such recommendations??? Thanks!! Tara


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May 11, 2009
Youngsville NC
You PROBABLY don't need a 1 HP pump, if you are replacing the entire pump. If you want to replace just the electric motor, then yes, you would need to replace the motor with the same model (or slightly larger HP, same dimensions). Just make sure that your replacement pump / motor is setup to use the same voltage as your old pump (probably 120V for an above ground pool).

If you are looking for a new pump - the Pentair Dynamos are popular around here - something in the 3/4 HP class should serve your needs quite adequately, as would a 1 HP. But I wouldn't go any larger than 1 HP.