Need advice on parts for hard plumbing project.


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Hello everyone. I need some advice as far as what to get to hard plumb our above ground pool. I know the basics, pvc pipe, elbows, unions, (combo union/shut off valve is what I plan on purchasing) adapters, etc... My issue comes from the solar heater we have connected currently. I have a couple of pics attached. The hoses look like spaghetti and the confusing part of how to plumb this for me is the "T" that has a hose coming from the heater, one from the filter and one to the return of the pool. I want to hard plumb everything except for two hoses, (one going to the solar heater and the return from the solar heater). The installers put the diverter valve in backwards so I will have to redo all of that. Thank you all in anticipation for all your advice. I need it for sure!

Here are the pics of my current mess :)



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May 3, 2007
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Just put a two way valve on the solar return and you will be able to completely isolate the solar. The other valve is for the solar supply which will allow you to isolate that side.

With that layout, there is little benefit to hard plumbing and less flexibility. Clamps and hose should hold well but how did it fail last time? Maybe better clamps would help.
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